A Formal Introduction

My name is Brian Collins, and I am a catalyst in my own story of trial and error, looking to educate those around me while being a positive influence on those around me.  If the endless amounts of Hermann Hesse quotations flirting my mind have had me one thing its that the surrender of power to the unknown of the future is always met with your free will.  The actions you take are all a part of the equation the equals you experience in this life.  I look to progress further in my multimedia skill sets along with my public speaking abilities to help in some way educate those around me and influence the world in a positive way.  Most importantly, making a connection with those young and old to create a unified community of strangers tied together by kindness, gratitude, and integrity.  One of my life missions is to tour high schools in this nation speaking to youth about self-esteem, self-determination, and the power of community.  For now, the foundation must be laid. To that I say, I welcome you to our community. Stick around, we’ll be back after these messages, brought to you by the inspiration of people like you.

Self Portrait of Brian Collins © Brian Collins. 2017.

Self Portrait of Brian Collins © Brian Collins. 2017.

The video featured below was taken during the Album Release Show of Luc & the Lovingtons “Send My Love” in Seattle, WA.  Are you watching closely? You may see someone familiar showing off their “alternative dance moves” in the crowd.

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