Husky Agency Promotional Video

Husky Agency is focused on professional development and helping differentiate student portfolios from other job candidates when pursuing internships and employment. This was a public relations campaign to promote and update the website for the classroom and community.  In addition to the website, flyers, press releases, social media posts, promotional videos, and other platforms will be used to bolster awareness and intrigue of Husky Agency.  Husky Agency worked with an understanding that the content produced will be professional, thorough, and respectful of the ideas and principles of our client.  Husky Agency is a student-run organization that performed PR counseling and strategies pro-bono.  The students involved in this agency had a wide variety of skills in the fields of public relations, journalism, marketing, advertising, TV, and radio production that help provide quality results for our client. Our main objective was the success of our client.

As a member of the Video Crew, our research consisted mostly of identifying the key terms and visual concepts we could’ve used for the video.  Discussing possible key terms amongst our agency members we identified the need to include these terms: student-run, pro-bono, media relations, brand awareness and management, design, public relations, digital communication, video production, media and spokesperson training, event coordination, and social media engagement.  Along with these key terms, we made sure to highlight the resources Husky Agency could provide to future clients being connected with an accredited college. This includes having footage of UTVS, KVSC, and University Chronicle operations.

In our planning phase, an EDL (Edit Decision List) was created before the actual footage was shot.  This EDL acted as the script and pre-production storyboard for the video.  Our goals for the video included a single portrait shot of each Husky Agency member in order to overlap the images to create a sense of a group of diverse students acting as one.  It was essential to the video that the Husky Agency logo was prominent and that footage of our current members in action was a top priority.  We made sure to include pivotal content at the end of the video in order to leave our audience with the most important information such as who we are and how to contact us.

Our video was uploaded to the Husky Agency YouTube channel and distributed to various publics via our social media team. The video was published on November 20, 2017, and subsequently shown at our Husky Agency Open Hose and to the dean of students.  This video will act as a welcoming to present and future clients and hopefully will continue to be distributed to create a wider range of visibility.